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Inspired by graphic novels from an early age, I'm a multifaceted illustrator primarily working in traditional methods. My art focuses on human connection to nature, exploring embodied experience and themes such as change, evolution, presence. The decay of past worlds, the boldness of nature reclaiming space. Wilderness prevailing, always present and powerful. Expressing temporal moments; a particular time of year--- winter, the experience of being cozy, near to nature, feeling safe, contained.  Capturing feeling, rhythm, movement, the way for example that fire’s movements allows the mind to wander, think, develop ideas, communicate. Pushing the boundaries of color, creating mood through palettes, developing lighting to be naturalistic yet fantastic--- to give you a new felt experience.  


I bring a unique lens to my art as a Northern Californian born and raised on the coast--- a deep connection to coastal ecology and atmosphere. The ocean breeze, the sound of distant waves, the moisture in the air, the grittiness and charm of the city, the play of fog and sun on water--- these, and the particular quality of Northern California light and shadow, have deeply influenced my work. 


Image-making speaks to people on a deeply symbolic level, conveying meanings more subtle and nuanced than words can capture. For me artmaking provides a window to different perspectives on the world.  It’s a meditative practice in the widest sense of the word: a space I return to always, in which I can feel and express my experience: states of  challenge, deep relaxation, joy, sorrow, insight, connection. In my teaching I aim to help others open to their own expressive internal realms.


I hope my art evokes feeling, and invites others to express their own inspiration through whatever mode of creativity speaks to them. 


Selected client list:  


Baltimore Weddings Magazine, Nomadic Coffee & Press, University of California - Berkeley, Hyphen Magazine, Spirituality & Health Magazine

The North American Review, Friction Literary Journal, BuddhaDharma Practitioner's Quarterly

Shambhala Sun Magazine, Louisville Magazine,  & San Francisco Giants Magazine.